Executive committee


Vicente Sarañana

Vicente Sarañana

I joined Toastmasters in June 2012, moved by curiosity and interest, and I have noticed that I have improved my leadership and communication skills since then.

On many occasions I have had to make professional presentations and it has been since I joined Toastmasters that I have been able to improve their structure in order to convey my message with more conviction and intensity.

Participation, active listening, evaluation to improve, guided by methodology and manuals, and the feedback we receive from our colleagues, are some of the pillars on which our learning is based.


Immediate Past-President (2014-2015)

Diane Oatley


Born in the South West of England, Diane and her husband retired to live in Mallorca in 2000.  She became involved in Toastmasters in 2010 becoming Vice President Education in June 2011, Vice President Membership 2012, President 2013 and is now serving as Immediate Past President 2014/2015.  Diane’s passion for Toastmasters knows no bounds, she believes the programme has something to offer everyone. ‘We all have to communicate, Toastmasters guides the way’.


Vice President of Education

Iker López

Discovering the essence of how things work, expanding established limitations, getting out of the comfort zone, creating and developing new out-of-the-box ideas and sharing them with other people are and have been his driving force throughout his life.

Growing up as a basketball player, and enjoying a professional career within this sport until 2007, Iker has developed a great sense of teamwork and the potential power that can be achieved by cooperating with others.

That’s exactly what we find and learn when we get involved with the Toastmasters’ programme. Leadership, communication and teamwork are keys to today´s success

David Gilling

One of the greatest achievements in life is to do what one likes and  get paid for it, which David has been doing successfully for many years. His job is to help people to develop various aspects that they want; roads and tools can be very different: psychotherapy, coaching, training, advice or consultancy. No matter which method is used, , what matters is to get results, and this is what he does with each of his patients.

He started his Toastmaster career in 1992, joining the club “Capital Mexicana”.  In 1994 he achieved his level of Competent Communicator and over 8 years  was part of this institution, participating in various competitions and winning several awards. In 2004 he moved to Valencia for a doctorate and a year later moved to Mallorca where he has resided permanently since 2005. In September 2012, he joined Mallorca Wordsmiths where once again he completed his Competent Communicator.

Vice President of Membership

Olga Millian

Born in Barcelona. I joined Toastmasters in 2011 in Barcelona and I was President of EADA Toastmasters Club. Moved to Mallorca in 2012 with my husband and kids and rejoined Toastmasters Mallorca Wordsmiths in 2014. I missed it so much! Being a professional in the hospitality industry and a professor for young professionals at EADA Business School, I have passion for helping my students to become effective communicators and inspired leaders.  And it all begins with myself. Development and growth has driven my life and career.

This is an exciting time in Toastmasters Mallorca Wordsmiths. More than ever, we are prepared to equip a new generation of success-oriented people with the practical communication and leadership skills necessary to improve their confidence and achieve our their goals.

Vice President of Public Relations

Norma Soler LLoréns

Competent Communicator and Competent Leader.    Three years ago I came back to Mallorca and after a friend’s wedding where I played the role of being a Toastmasters I decided to continue learning to be able to communicate better.  But what I found at Toastmasters is much more, and I continue being part of this big family that crosses cultures and teaches so much more than communication.  Would you like to learn more? Join in next session at Hotel Horizonte!



Barbara Servera

Majorcan by birth and heart, and citizen of the world.  I joined Toastmasters recently to improve my communication skills, a project to which I am dedicating myself with passion.



Eva Pomar

I was looking for my own personal brand when I came across Toastmasters one day.   Since then my professional work has gained in quality and safety and is a differentiator. I’m still learning and I really have to learn, a lifetime.

Try to be better every day , both professionally and personally is my greatest motivation. Toastmasters helps me get it. It is a special place and a time to grow and to make friends.

  • My soul without fear
  • My mind: to study and learn to be better than yesterday
  • Me : do the right thing ; loyalty to those around me and to myself

“What we get is never too easily subject to high esteem . Just what it costs us to obtain grants value to things . Heaven knows how to put a proper price on their property” Thomas Paine

Sargent at Arms

Angeline van der Heijden

Angeline van der Heijden is a dedicated Toastmaster since joining in 2012 earning her Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership within 15 months. The first 20 years of her life she lived in the Netherlands. After marrying she moved to Germany where she started her own business at 30. She is a great entrepreneur and leader. Her passion is goal setting and organization. In Mallorca she is the owner of the agency Fincas for Golf & More which offers vacation houses to tourists. As Sergeant at Arms Angeline opens and closes our weekly meetings and is responsible for the logistics in that area.


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    Animo chicos, lo estáis haciendo bien. Un abrazo

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