Executive committee


Ismael Gutierrez




Immediate Past-President (2017-2018)

Joan Carbonell

Foto Joan

How did you first met Toastsmasters?

I met Toastmasters in an informal conversation with a colleague from Cape Town. I discovered that I had a Toastmasters’ club a few steps from my house although at that time I did not even consider the need to speak in public. But life goes on and after a few months I made a change to my professional career: I became an independent consultant and I had to start visiting clients to offer my services. It was something I have never had the need to do and it was a real challenge for me. It was at that moment when I remembered Toastmasters, I contacted Mallorca Wordsmiths, I attended some sessions as guest and decided to take the bull by the horns.

What experience have you had in Toastmasters?

Interestingly enough, although what attracted me was the subject of oratory and, especially, the confrontation with an audience, my interest to stay in Mallorca Wordsmiths quickly changed to two other unexpected aspects: on the one hand, meeting a nice group of people who always gives me interesting ideas and thoughts and, on the other, everything related to the topic of leadership. Even having managed large groups of people I had never received specific training on this subject and the Club has been a great place to learn how to manage meetings and teams, give (and receive) feedback, motivate, mentor people, improvise, … In short: to develop many skills in a positive environment that help me both for my professional life and on a personal level.

Vice President of Education (English)

Josep Liras



Vice President of Education (Spanish)

Pedro Ripoll

At first what attracted me was the theme of improving oratory because when you do not practice the level drops but once inside the club you realize that the oratory and everything that surrounds it becomes a hobby. So those two hours per week we dedicate a moment to meet with the friends of Toastmasters and also a time to laugh, have a drink, recharge batteries, listen to exciting topics with the speech of colleagues, … On the other hand, if you enter the Toastmasters committee you realize that what you learn there (organization, planning, events, …) is useful for your work and also for your personal environment.


Vice President of Membership

Luciana Bustos

Foto Luciana

What brought you to toastmasters?

I had been wanting to learn to talk for some time. Although I spent all day talking I wanted to communicate with meaning.
When I arrived at the club as a guest I was surprised by the leveling of the members. I decided to sign up and learn from them and with them.

What has been your experience?

Toastmaster is teaching me things that I should have learned at school. I am convinced that speaking well is an art, and requires practice and commitment. There is a difference in being a good communicator or a normal one. Toastmaster made that, at my own pace, I broke my fear of speaking in public, and although I still have my limitations, I have taken giant steps in my professional and personal life.

Vice President of Public Relations

Mar Félix

Foto Mar para TM

What brought you to toastmasters?

Since I needed to express myself in my workshops and courses I became really interested in having and manteining publics attention to inspire them.

A lady talked me about this program and I was excited to know it.

What has been your experience?

I could never imaged the power of toastmasters program. It has changed my life. It has allowed me to suceed as a president of another association, as a speaker and as a leader. Now my first area of interest is public speaking as a way to inspire people and change the world

I think I will be a toastmasters for ever!



Isabel Fortuna





Xavier Maes



Sargent at Arms

Pedro García



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