Mallorca Wordsmiths was founded in April 2002 by Debbie Cameron with the help of Ralph Arroyo. The first meetings were held at the Santa Ponsa Country Club. Debbie was awarded District 59 Toastmaster of the Year in 2005.  Under the name of Mallorca International Toastmasters the club hosted the first ever District 59 Conference to be held in Spain – with over 270 TM attending from all over Europe.  In 2008/9 the name was changed to Mallorca Wordsmiths and after a few changes in venues they were incredibly lucky to find the Hotel Horizonte, whom support the club one hundred per cent.

In 2012 under the guidance of the new President – Sebastian Lora it was decided to change the meetings from all English speaking to speaking Spanish the first and third week of the month and English the second and fourth week.  This was a great success.  In the last few years many changes have been made.  Guest speaker nights, theme nights, tapas nights, contests and bring a guest night have all been part of the success the club now enjoys.  This being the reason many members and guests now attend the meetings each week.

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