“Toastmasters has changed my life. In May 2009 I gave a speech at my cousin André’s wedding in front of 500 guests and discovered my passion. I started looking for ways to get speaking skills training, found out about Toastmasters, and it was love at first sight. Being in Madrid at that time I immediately enrolled in two clubs. Since then I haven’t stopped growing and know that with Toastmasters I won’t stop doing so. Today I traing people to help them boost their ideas, communicate them with passion, and thus gain a solid competitive advantage over other people. Without Toastmasters I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Sebastián Lora sebastian


Pedro del Amo


“When I first arrived at the event I was a little unsure of my new surroundings and environment but I was quickly made to feel most welcome at Toastmasters Palma Mallorca by all of the incumbent Toastmasters. In fact it felt as though I was part of the group already and enjoyed listening to the speakers and topics on the night. I look forward to many more meetings in this encouraging place where I can further develop my communication and leadership skills.”

Alan C Jebson, guest.

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